JMeter (Apache JMeter): JMeter is an open-source software tool developed by the Apache Software Foundation for load testing, performance testing, and functional testing of web applications and various network services. It simulates user traffic and interactions to assess an application's performance under different conditions, helping to identify bottlenecks, performance issues, and areas for optimization.

  •  Introduction to Jmeter
  • Recording the Jmeter Scripts
  • How to put load and analyse performance metrics
  • Advanced Thread Group Methods for Real time load with Jmeter
  • Http Cookie Manager to capture sessions
  • Assertions in Jmeter
  • Sample Application to Practice Jmeter Tool
  • Jmeter controllers for Modules wise Metrics
  • Timers in Jmeter
  • Importance of Regular expressions in Jmeter
  • Data Driven testing with Jmeter
  • Handling Dynamic Responses -Advanced Jmeter-2
  • Jmeter validations in Non GUI Mode
  • Jmeter Distributed Mode in running tests in Slave machines


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