Java Full Stack

Java Full Stack:

Course Overview

Front-End Development

  1. HTML/CSS: Basics of structuring web pages and styling them.
  2. JavaScript: Fundamentals of the language, DOM manipulation, and asynchronous programming.
  3. React.js or Angular: Introduction to front-end frameworks for building interactive single-page applications (SPAs).

Back-End Development

  1. Java Programming: Core Java concepts, object-oriented programming, and data structures.
  2. Servlets and JSP: Server-side programming in Java for web applications.
  3. Spring Framework: Dependency Injection, Spring MVC for building web applications, and Spring Boot for rapid application development.
  4. Hibernate or JPA: Object-relational mapping for database interactions.

Database Management

  1. SQL: Basics of relational databases, writing queries, and managing data.
  2. MySQL or PostgreSQL: Setting up and interacting with databases using SQL.

Tools and Practices

  1. Version Control: Using Git for managing source code versions.
  2. Build Tools: Introduction to Maven or Gradle for project management and dependency handling.
  3. Deployment: Basics of deploying Java applications on servers like Tomcat or using cloud services.

Project Work

  • Hands-on projects that integrate front-end and back-end technologies, giving practical experience in building full-stack applications.
  • Projects might include developing a complete web application from scratch, incorporating all learned concepts.

Certification and Career Support

  • Potential certification upon completion, which can enhance your employability.
  • Career guidance sessions covering job market insights, resume building, and interview preparation tailored for Java Full Stack roles.

Choosing KrishSoft's Course

  • Research KrishSoft's specific course offerings in Java Full Stack development.
  • Look for detailed syllabi, course duration, teaching methodology, and the credentials of instructors.
  • Consider reaching out for more information, such as alumni testimonials or a demo session, to gauge the quality and relevance of the course to your career goals.

By following these steps, you can make an informed decision about whether KrishSoft's Java Full Stack course aligns with your learning objectives and career aspirations in software development.

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